Churches And Estates Film

We've just completed one of the biggest projects that we've undertaken so far. Working with the Church of England we won the contract to deliver a short film about Churches around the country that are working on estates.

Historically the church is in decline but in certain areas the numbers are seen to be rising and what the Church Of England calls Estate Ministry is one of the areas seeing an increase in numbers.

We were asked to make a film about three different areas around the country, Blackpool, Newcastle and Tottenham (London) who all have growing and very different ministries. The film was to be made to show the different approaches taken so that anyone interested in knowing more or that area of work could be inspired.

You can see the finished short film here;

We are very happy and proud of the outcome and have received some fantastic feedback, but it took a couple of edits to get it down to the 7-8 mins required. Our first edit was more around 12 mins and had so much great content that it was a struggle to cut down!

We utilised a number of different techniques to make the film, but it was always going to based around interviews. I think that we interviewed around 22 people, with only 6 of them making the final edit.

We couldn't really storyboard the film until we'd filmed the interviews as they were the storytelling parts of the film. The B-roll cut aways really were shaped by the stories that were told.

It was a great experience to create this film and fabulous to hear so many good news stories in this crazy world that we live in right now.

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