Centreline Weddings

We approach weddings slightly differently. In a world of social media we produce short films that are customisable but suitable to share and post on social networks.

We use footage from the morning preparations all the way through to the evening celebrations. We incorporate audio from the day and include stunning aerial shots, where possible, all to tell the story of your day.

At the end you aren't confronted with a 2hr home video that you may not watch again, but rather a 5 minute film that you'll love to watch time and time again and that you're friends and family will love too. 

If there are precious moments that you want captured in full, your speeches for example, then please do ask and we'll make sure that we leave the cameras recording where needed and will edit those bits separately.

A non refundable deposit of £150.00 will be required to secure any specific date.


Please see our wedding terms and conditions here.

Our Weddings

These are all example of our Wedding Day Films