Centreline Aerial Work

Not so long ago footage from the air was a tall task for any project. The cost and impracticalities took this option away from most film makers abilities.

Now, with the technical advancements in the drone industry, affordable aerial footage is within the budget of most projects and still have the ability to make a film stand out from the crowd.

We, at Centreline Films, see the value in aerial drone footage in our projects and have completed the training to be able to commercially work with aerial platforms and offer this to our clients. This puts us in with the exclusive number of licensed companies legally allowed to operate within UK airspace and approved by the CAA.


We see a number of different benefits with this unique perspective from architectural surveys, where otherwise scaffolding would be needed, to large scale agricultural surveys. It could be a great way to show off a large property and all of it's land or just a way to show a different perspective on a scene and input a flare of creativity.


If you could see a use for drone footage in your project we'd love to hear from you, just see the contact page.